Noeska 1982-1993
Astrix Queeny Of Ginno's Home 1999-1999
Amber Queeny Of Ginno's Home 1999-2003
Magic Astroy van de Schagerwaard 1996-2005
Chardoc Azigo Of Ginno's Home 2004-2006
Alex Queeny Of Ginno's Home 1999-2007
pE Ginno Xandor van de Schagerwaard 1994-2007
Basco (Dewan) Qwinten Of Ginno's Home 2001-2009
Dt.Ch.Only Queeny van de Schagerwaard 1997-2010
Blade of Qwinten Of Ginno's Home 2001-2010
Conan Azigo Of Ginno's Home 2004-2011
Cooper Azigo Of Ginno's Home 2004-2012
Cayley Bijou Of Ginno's Home 2004-1013
Akyra Queeny Of Ginno's Home 1999-2013
Balou Qwinten Of Ginno's Home 2001-2014
Astra Queeny Of Ginno's Home 1999-2014
Ares Queeny Of Ginno's Home 1999-2015







Amber died of larynx cancer/Amber is overleden aan een kwaadaardige tumor rond haar strottenhoofd


Working Results:
  • ´96  puppy GG
  • ´97  advanced puppy GG
  • ´97  beginners GG
  • ´97  advanced GG
  • 24 OKT´99 Hilversum  GG1 without certificate 140,5 pt.
Magic is put asleep because of the muscles of his rear legs where totally out of function
and his hips where bad also, so it wasn't possible for me to let him live together with the
others, rehome was not an option because he couldn't live without me, did that once
and that was hell for him he did not eat and drink for four days so I took him back.



Chardoc was put asleep because of a braintumor



Alex was put asleep cause of stomach cancer.
Alex is ingeslapen i.v.m. een niet te genezen maagtumor.


6 months
Offspring Ginno:

his Children
his grand children
some of his great grand children
some of his great-great grand children
Of Dark Brightness I-Litter
Tzigane's C-Litter
Tzigane's D-Litter
Tzigane's F-Litter
Tzigane's L-Litter

Of Mystic Beauty A-Litter
Of Mystic Beauty B-Litter
Of Mystic Beauty C-Litter
Of Mystic Beauty E-litter
Of Mystic Beauty G-Litter

Tzigane's E-Litter
Tzigane's I-Litter
Tzigane's K-Litter

Sondershauser Kalikristal D-Litter

Of Mystic Beauty D-Litter
Of Mystic Beauty F-Litter

Workingjoy H-Litter

Of Dark Brightness Mr/Miss-Litter

Some showresults:
Zutphen Clubmatch´95 puppy class 3th place
Amsterdam Winner´95 youth class 2U
Eindhoven feb´96 youth class 1U
Almere jun´96 open class 1st place,3th in group
Hilversum aug´96 open class 1st place
Afferden sep´96 open class 1U
Lelystad sep´96 open class 1U BOB,7th in group
Steenwijk nov´96 open class 1U BOB,2th in group
Ermelo feb´97 open class 1U BOB
Zutphen Clubmatch´97 open class 4U+
Hardenberg apr´97 open class 1U BOB,2th in group
Apeldoorn jun´97 open class 1U BOB
Berghem jul´97 open class 1U R.CAC
Doetinchem sep´97 open class 1U R.CAC CACIB
Egmond aan Zee nov´97 open class 1U BOB,2d in group
Ermelo feb´98 open class 1U
Leeuwarden apr´98 open class 2U R.CAC R.CACIB
Geel (B) jun´98 open class 2U R.CAC
Kassel (D) okt´00 open class 1U CAC CACIB BOB
World Winner 2002
Jul´02 Veteran class 1U

10 years old                                                                    12,5 years old


Anouschka was put asleep cause of stomach cancer.
Anouschka is ingeslapen i.v.m. maag-darm kanker.


Basco was put asleep cause of stomach cancer.
Basco is ingeslapen i.v.m. een maagtumor.


Show Results´98:
Ermelo feb´98 puppy class 1st place BOB,BPIS
Hardenberg apr´98 youth class 1zg BOB
Deurne Clubmatch´98 youth class 2U
Emmeloord jun´98 youth class 1st placeBOB,3th in group
Geel (B) jun´98 youth class 1U BJ / BT
Lelystad sep´98 youth class 1U BOB,1th in group ,R.BIS 
st.Oedenrode jun´98 Young dogs 12-18 months 2d place
Dortmund (D)(BDS) okt´98 youth class 1zg Dt.bjsg´98
Show Results´99:
Oldenburg (D) apr´99 open class 1U CAC CACIB
VDH anw.
Deurne Clubmatch´99 young dogs 1U+
Show Results´00:
Uden jun´00 open class 1U CAC CACIB
Kassel (D) okt´00 open class 1U CAC CACIB 
VDH anw
Dortmund (D)
(BDS-Millenium 2) 
21okt´00 open class 1U R.CAC R.CACIB
VDH anw.
Show Results´02:
Lingen (D) Jun´02 Open class 1U CAC CACIB BOB
Deutscher Champion (VDH)
World Winner 2002
Jul´02 Open class 2U
Dortmund (D) Okt´02 Champions class  2U R.VDH.anw

Offspring  Queeny/ nageslacht Queeny


Blade was put asleep cause of stomach and liver cancer.
Blade is ingeslapen i.v.m. een maagtumor en uitzaaiingen naar de lever.



Cooper was put asleep cause of stomach cancer.
Cooper is ingeslapen i.v.m. maagkanker.



Hardenberg apr´00 puppy class 1th place 
6th puppy in show
Deurne Clubmatch NVBH
jun´00 puppy class 5th place
Zuidlaren mrt´01 young dogs 1U R.CAC R.CACIB
Zwolle okt´01 open class 4U
Zuidlaren mrt´02 open class U


Bijou died of stomach carcinoom at het age of 12 years and 4 months,
she was the proud mother of our C-Litter.

Show results 2002
Lingen (D) Jun´02 Puppy class 1st place
Young dogs day NVBH Okt´02 9-12 months not selected
Dortmund (BDS)(D) Okt´02 Youth class 2U

Show results 2003
Ermelo Feb´03 Breeders class 1 zg
Young dogs
3 zg
Dortmund BDS (D)
Open class

Jun´02 puppy class GG
Nov´02 young dogs class GG
Mrt´03 Beginners class GG 89(90)
Jun'03 Advanced class GG 82(85)

2004 GH1






Show results 2002

Lingen (D) Jun´02 Puppy class 1th place
Young Dogs Day NVBH (NL) Okt´02 9-12 months selected
Dortmund (BDS) (D) Okt´02 Youth class U

Show results 2003

Ermelo (NL) Feb´03 Youth class 1 zg BOB
Young dogs day'03 (B)
Youth class
not placed
Deurne Clubmatch'03 (NL)
Young dogs class
Dortmund (BDS) (D)
Open class

Show results 2004

German Specialty Singhofen (D)
May '04
Open Class

Show results 2005

Oldenburg (D)
Open Class

Show results 2006

Lelystad  (NL)    Joe Kat Show
Open class

Show results 2007

Oldenburg (D)
Open class
Almere (NL)
Open class
Cloppenburg (D)
Open class
2U R.CAC R.VDH anw.
Zwolle (NL)
Open class
3 zg

Breeding results:

Blitz Qwinten Of Ginno's Home & Daisy van de Peelgraaf

Mated: 04-08-2008 / 06-08-2008    Born 05-10-2008    4-3    



Good bye my friends till we will meet again.

If it should be that I grow weak,                    Take me where my need they’ll tend,   
And pain should keep me from my sleep.     And please stay with me until the end.
Then you must do what must be done,          Hold me close and speak to me,
For this last battle cannot be won.             Until my eyes no longer see.   

You will be sad, I understand,                        I know in time that you will see,
Don’t let your grief then stay your hand.      The kindness that you did for me.
For this day more than all the rest,                Although my tail it’s last has waved,
Your love for me must stand the test.            From pain and suffering I’ve been saved.

We’ve had so many happy years,                   Please do not grieve for it was you,
What is to come must hold no fears.              Who had this painful thing to do.   
You’d not want me to suffer so,                      We’ve been so close, we two, these years,
The time has come, please let me go.              Don’t let your heart hold back it’s tears.
                                “Author unknown”   

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