Shiatsu massage is een massage waarbij
gebruik word gemaakt
van vinger en hand druk .

Shiatsu massage kan een hulp zijn bij :
Rug- en nekpijn, hoofdpijn, ontstekingen, onrustige gevoelens, slapeloosheid, zwangerschap,bevallings voorbereiding, slapeloosheid, spier- en gewrichtsklachten.



Every time you feel lost, confused, think about trees,
remember how they grow.
Remember that a tree with lots of branches and few roots will get toppled but the first strong wind,
while the sap hardly moves in a tree with many roots and few branches.
Roots and branches must grow in equal measure,
you have to stand both inside of things and above them,
because only then you will be able to offer shade and shelter,
only then you will be able to cover yourself with leaves and fruits
at the proper season.

Susanna Tamaro

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