General appearance

A balanced dog of medium proportions , harmoniously proportioned , intelligent ,
rustic , accustomed to open-air life , built to resist the bad weather of the seasons and
the atmospheric variations so frequent to the Belgian climate . By the harmony of his
shape and the proud carriage of his head , the Belgian Shepherd Dog must give the
impression of that robust elegance which has become the heritage of the selected
representatives of a working breed . In addition to this inborn aptitude for guarding
flocks , he has the precious qualities to be the best guard dog for the property .
When necessary he is , without hesitation , a tenacious and ardent defender of his
master . He is vigilant and is alert and inquiring , denoting his intelligence .


The head is well chiseled , long without exaggeration , dry . The skull and the muzzle
are of sensible equal length , with at most a very slight advantage for the muzzle , which
gives an impression of perfect finish to the whole .


Black , well open nostrils .


Of medium length , tapering gradually towards the nose , the bridge of the nose is straight ,
in profile parallel to the imaginary line extending from the skull . Mouth well split .


Of thin tissue , closing thigtly , strongly pigmented , not showing the red of the mucous
membranes .


Dry , quite flat , although muscled .


Strong , white , regular teeth firmly set in well developed jaws ."Scissors bite", i.e. the
upper jaw fitting closely over those of the lower jaw , extending slightly beyond them
without loosing contact with them . Super-position of the incisors is tolerated : in fact it
is this bite , named "pincer bite", which is preferred by drivers of sheep and cattle .


Moderate , but marked .

Superciliary ridges

Not prominent , muzzle well chiseled below the eyes .


Of medium width , in proportion to lenght of the head , with forehead rather flat than
rounded , with median line little pronounced . Seen in profile its extension is parallel
to the bridge of the nose .


Of medium size , not prominent nor sunken slightly almond shaped , of brownish color-
preferably black ; black rimmed eyelids . Direct look , lively , intelligent and inquisitive
expression .


Of definite triangular appearance , stiff and erect , set high , proportioned in lenght ,the
lobe edges well rounded at the base .


Reach , slightly elongated ,well muscled , without dewlap , brooding gradually towards
the shoulders . Very slightly arched .


Solid bone structure all over , muscles dry and strong .


The shoulder blades are long , sloping and flat , sufficiently angulated with humorous to
give the elbows easy play .

Upper arms

Should move in a direction strictly parallel to the longitudinal axis of the body .

Fore arms

Long and well muscled .

Front pasterns

Strong and short . Pastern joints clean without traces of rickets.


Rather round . The toes arches and well closed . The pads thick and elastic .
Nails dark and strong.


The body is powerful without heaviness . Lenght from point of shoulders to point of
buttocks approximately equal to the height at withers in the dog . May be slightly
longer in the bitch .


Not  much broad , but deep and well let down , as in all animals of great endurance .
The rib cage is constructed of ribs arched in their upper parts .


Pronounced .

Top line

(Back and loin) : straight , broad and powerfully muscled .


Moderately developed , neither drooping nor tucked up , continuing underline of the chest
in a harmonious curve .


Very slightly sloping , broad without execs .


Powerful , without heaviness , moving in the same planes as the forequarters . In stance
perpendicular to the ground .

Upper thighs(First thighs)

Broad and strongly muscled . The stifle nearly perpendicular to the pelvis .

Lower thighs(Second thighs)

Long , broad , muscled and sufficiently bent at the hocks without excess. Hocks well let
down , broad and muscled . Seen from behind they should be perfectly parallel .

Rear pasterns

Solid and short . Dew claws not desirable .


Slightly oval . Toes arched and well closed . Pads thick and elastic . Nails dark and strong .


The tail is well set on , strong at the base and of medium lenght . At rest the dog carries
it hanging down , the tip bent slightly backwards at the level of the hock .
On the move he lifts it , accentuating the curve towards the tip , but at no time forming
a hook or deviation .



The mask must tend to include the upper and lower lips , the corner of the mouth and
the eyelids in a single black area .


The fawn color with black overlay being the most natural , remains the preferred one .
The fawn should be warm , neither light nor washed out . Any dog whose color does
not correspond to the desired intensity , cannot be awarded the qualification "excellent"
and even less receive a proposal for CAC , CACIB or the "reserves".


The coat must always be abundant , close and of good texture , forming with the woody
undercoat an excellent protective covering .


Elastic but well tight over the whole body. External mucous membranes strongly pigmented .


Male 62-66 CM
Female 58-62 CM


The movement is brisk and free , covering a maximum of ground . Always on the move ,
the Belgian Shepherd Dog seems tireless , because of his exuberant temperament , he has a
marked tendency to move in circles rather than in a straight line .